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    Translations and Arabic language course

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About eContext

eContext team consists of highly qualified, experienced and certified sworn translators and interpreters. Our ambition is to provide the best quality result irrespective of required deadlines to meet all your needs and budget.

We offer comprehensive linguistic services including sworn translations across a wide-range of business areas, specializing chiefly in the banking and finance, legal, insurance, IT, energy, environmental sectors, website translation and localization services.

We specialize in high quality translations from Arabic language into English, Polish and other European languages as well as from English, Polish other European languages into Arabic.

In order to communicate with our clients in the most convenient and cost effective way we use internet to receive and send back all the documents which need to be translated. This allows us to provide proffesional translation services successfully in Poland, Europe and Arabic countries.

Our Language School offers courses both for individual clients and business clients, in form of traditional lessons and distance learning courses (e-learning) in Arabic language, European languages, Polish for foreigners. These courses are arranged both for individual clients and for the companies in form of traditional lessons or e-learning


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